GFP is the creative side of Get Fast LLC, a Virginia-based autosport events & services company since 1998. This website is just a small sample of what GFP has produced, as well as a showcase for some favorites from both paid projects and personal work.

“My old friends can tell you – I was always taking pictures, ever since high school. It was the only creative thing I was ever halfway good at!” said GFP principal Jon Felton. “As I grew up, my business grew up and had a real need for images – both for client projects and for our own marketing purposes. After too many experiences with not getting the exact shots I needed, I started collecting new digital gear – and learning all over again, for the first time since my 35mm film days.”

Shooting cars and racing events is GFP’s core work of course, as seen in the pages of magazines such as Sport Compact Car and Grassroots Motorsports, but since 2008 the business has expanded into other genres as well. “We just enjoy taking interesting pictures, for ourselves and for others.” said Felton.